Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection is a hilariously irreverent weekly podcast about newsy type stuff and things.

On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast we discuss:

  • Trump memo is a big nothing burger + Trump soundboard.
  • Cabinet Files: Just quietly the biggest security breach in Aussie history.
  • Holy Bombaloley: Old mate bushy accidentally stumbles on cabinet docs in Canberra furniture sale.
  • Penny Wong’s missing top secret files - which we found out about from the missing files.
  • Insulation scandal under the Rudd government - royal commission.
  • Strava app data goes public - reveals US Government bases.
  • Missing man Paddy Moriarty and the weird as fuck town of Larrimah in the NT.
  • Emotional support peacock kicked off a United Flight.
  • Hawaii nuclear alert operator ‘had issues’.
  • Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle resigns amidst sexual misconduct allegations.
  • Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ starts selling a flamethrower.

The Unnatural Selection podcast is produced by Jorge Tsipos, Adam Direen and Tom Heath. Visit the Unnatural Selection website at www.UnnaturalShow.com for stuff and things.






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