Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection is a weekly comedy podcast about news and politics. Each week the guys take a few stories from the week's news, and bring a fresh and funny new take that you may not have considered. They cover Australian and American news as well as some stores from around the world.

Host of the podcast Jorge Tsipos and his friend Matt O’Reilly sit down and have a chat about long-form conversations, the future of work and upskilling.

  • Talking into microphones.
  • Counselling as a career path + mental health industry.
  • How do you know when to pivot?
  • How do you balance full time work and literally anything else?
  • Maybe a job is just a thing you do.
  • Make a deliberate effort to have longform conversations + filter bubbles.
  • How to have a conversation.

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Twitter: @JorgeTsipos

Instagram: @JorgeTsipos

Follow Matt on Instagram: @trombonescone

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