Unnatural Selection
Unnatural Selection is a hilariously irreverent weekly podcast about newsy type stuff and things.

On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast we discuss:

  • Are we part of the problem?
  • I don't see why it wouldn't be?
  • You know you've fucked up when FOX NEWS tells you to slow your roll.
  • How Russia hacked the DNC - with pictures!
  • Hassan Rouhani warns against Trump provocation.
  • The President of the United States loses his fucking mind.
  • Meanwhile in Australia.
  • Super-Saturday: A Orgy of by-elections.
  • LNP probably going to pick up some seats.
  • We vote in Oz like we're voting for the leader - but we don't?

The Unnatural Selection podcast is produced by Jorge Tsipos, Adam Direen and Tom Heath. Visit the Unnatural Selection website at www.UnnaturalShow.com for stuff and things.


The views expressed are those of the hosts and their guests and do not reflect those of any other entities. Unnatural Selection is a show made for comedic purposes and should not be taken seriously by anyone.












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